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Атрибуты — наиболее важные для персонажа характеристики, от величины которых зависит успех всех атак, талантов и заклинаний. Значения атрибутов повышаются засчет специальных очков — GP. Единицу GP герой получает через каждые четыре уровня.

Mut ~ Courage ~ Храбрость
Your character's Courage determines their willingness to take risks. The higher their Courage, the less fear they will feel when faced with danger. This Attribute influences the Base Attack Value, Endurance, Astral Energy, Resistance to Magic and Base Initiative Value.

Klugheit ~ Cleverness ~ Ум
Your character's Cleverness determines their ability to think logically and indicates their level of knowledge. The higher their level of Cleverness, the more quickly they will see connections and the more knowledge they will accumulate. This Attribute influences Resistance to Magic.

Intuition ~ Интуиция
Your character's Intuition determines their level of empathy with and understanding of the world around them. It allows them to assess situations quickly and accurately. This attribute influences Astral Energy, the Base Initiative Value, Base Parry Value and Base Ranged Value.

Charisma ~ Харизма
Your character's Charisma determines their appeal to others. The higher their Charisma, the more effectively they can use their voice, facial expressions and gestures to draw others to them. Charisma also influences the Astral Energy level of those gifted with magic.

Fingerfertigkeit ~ Dexterity ~ Ловкость рук
Your character's Dexterity determines how manually skilled they are and how well they can coordinate their eye and hand movements. This Attribute is especially important for many crafting skills and writing. It also influences the Base Ranged Value.

Gewandheit ~ Agility ~ Ловкость
Your character's Agility determines how nimble and athletic they are. The higher their Agility, the quicker they can react in dangerous situations. This Attribute influences Endurance, the Base Initiative Value, Base Attack Value and Base Parry Value.

Konstitution ~ Constitution ~ Телосложение
Your character's Constitution determines how tough they are. The higher their Constitution, the fewer wounds they will receive, they will fall sick less often and will resist poison more effectively. This Attribute influences Vitality Points, Endurance and Resistance to Magic.

Körperkraft ~ Strength ~ Сила
Your character's Strength simply determines how strong they are. The higher their Strength, the more they can lift and carry. Strength also influences Vitality Points, the Base Attack Value, Base Parry Value and Base Ranged Value.