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Прежде таланты обращения с оружием были разделены на множество видов, как им и следует быть по правилам четвертой редакции DSA. Однако осенью 2013 года все виды оружия для простоты объединили в три основные категории: одноручное, двуручное и стрелковое оружие.

Einhand-Nahkampf ~ One-handed Melee Combat
Einhand-Nahkampf ~ One-handed Melee Combat (MU/GE/KK)

Brawling is the skill that enables you to inflict damage with your bare hands, feet, teeth or even head! This applies to Unau wrestling, Thorwalian hammerfist boxing or Fountlandian freestyle fighting.

Axes and Maces

This talent governs all one-handed melee weapons that cause damage from their powerful blows. This applies to clubs, axes and maces.


All thrusting weapons shorter than half a pace are regarded as daggers. This applies to heavy daggers, hunting knives and crook blades.


All blades with a length of ½ to 1¼ paces are regarded as swords. Their blades, sharpened on one or both sides, are used for cutting and stabbing. Longswords, sabers and short swords are typical of this weapon category.

Fencing Weapons

All long, thin blades that are used almost exclusively for thrusting and stabbing belong to the fencing weapon talent. Fencing is regarded as elegant and swift. Rapiers and épées, elven seal killers and wolf knives belong to this category.

Zweihand-Nahkampf ~ Two-handed Melee Combat
Zweihand-Nahkampf ~ Two-handed Melee Combat (MU/GE/KK)
Two-Handed Axes and Maces

Two-handed axes and maces are all large sharp or blunt weapons that deal damage by sheer force and cannot be wielded in one hand. They are not much good for parrying but deal tremendous amounts of damage. Rock splitters, war hammers and orc noses are typical two-handed axes and maces.

Two-Handed Swords

All extra-long blade weapons that are wielded with both hands belong to the two-handed swords category. Examples are Andergastian blades up to three paces long, flaming rondracombs and Maraskan tuzak knives.


From simple wooden staffs to mage staffs, this talent encompasses combat with all staves wielded in two hands.

Fernkampf ~ Ranged Combat
Fernkampf ~ Ranged Combat (IN/FF/KK)

Bows are used for hunting and combat and are the weapon of choice for many wilderness dwellers. Orc short bows, Meadowian longbows and the famed bows of the elves all fall into this weapon category.


Crossbows are much easier to fire than bows: simply aim at the target and pull the trigger. However, their firing rate is much lower, as they must be cocked using a special mechanism. Light crossbows, heavy crossbows and dwarven ironwoods feature in this category.