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Where can I download Realms of Arkania games?

You can easily download them here, but first you should get yourself a DOSBox emulator for old DOS games. It is really useful. And it is highly recommended that you install the games on secondary partitions (not drive “C”).

  1. Blade of Destiny (English) + manual. DOSBox is already built in.
  2. Star Trail (Russian/English part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8) + manual. You may change language preferences before installation.
  3. Shadows over Riva (English part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7) + riva.bin + manual. The file riva.bin is huge, so it is divided into nine RAR parts, which are stored in one directory on ScreenCast. You should download them one by one and then extract the file with WinRar. This file riva.bin is supposed to be in the same directory with riva.exe file. You can play without riva.bin, but the game will lack nice video intros, important characters’ dialogs and effects. And you won’t be able to pass several game quests without riva.bin.
May I register on this website?

Sure. Registered users can publish their own entries, participate in message board discussions and vote. Each user gets a game-like character profile with clothing, weapons and other equipment, gains experience, raises his skills, receives reputation and presents from other users. User’s e-mail and IP addresses are kept private. You will never receive spam via this website. First you should fill in the register form and then confirm it via e-mail. Necessary fields are marked with red asterisks. The descriptions of the text fields are in Russian, but there is an English tip on the top of the page. The tip looks like this:

Realms of Arkania registration form

Your login can be up to 25 characters long and contain any letters (Latin, Greek, Cyrillic or even Chinese). You can use dashes and under-dashes as well, but you are not allowed to use punctuation marks: dots, commas, apostrophes, quotation marks, etc. You won’t be able to change your login after registration by yourself. But if you want to, just contact the administrator.

You can use your real name as your full name or make up a fake name like “Durin Ironfist”. Both are fine.

Please type your e-mail address carefully because it is used to confirm your account on this website.

Your date of birth and character class are also necessary fields. They have nothing to do with website content, privileges or access limits. But they are used in some calculations that make your website profile look nice.

Your hometown doesn’t have to be real as well. Thorwal, Kvirasim, Lowangen or Gareth will do just fine.

Your icon is used to define your character’s face. You can use any JPG, PNG or GIF images under 500Kb and 100x100 pixels. You can also pick a character face from one of 12 collections. First pick a collection in a left menu and then click on desired icon in the right part of the window.

Click on the lower button to submit the form. After successful registration check your mailbox for a confirmation e-mail. To confirm your registration just follow the link in this e-mail. Sometimes it takes several hours to get confirmation e-mail. You should look for it in your spam folders as well.

Is there an English version of this website?

Nope. But you can use Google Translate to browse through pages.

Why do all quest- and loot lists contain English and German titles?

Not all games are translated to Russian. Even if they are, the translation can be so crappy that Russians actually prefer to switch to English/German locales. Players born in Soviet Russia prefer German, since they had to study it at school. The majority of younger players prefer English. There is also a group of hardcore TDE fans who studied German to get their hands on the tabletop adventure books and novels.

What about link or banner exchange?

I appreciate if you link to this website, no matter if it’s a simple text link or a banner. You can use one of standard size website’s banners. If you want me to link back to your website, please send your website URL and banner code (if you have one) via the contact form in the bottom of the page. A link to your website will appear on this page.

Where can I download Realms of Arkania soundtracks?

All songs are available for download by one. This hosting’s file limit is only 15 Mb, so I can’t upload huge song archives. Each soundtrack is available for online listening (check out the middle block in the right sidebar).

Where can I get clue books and manuals?

Here. Almost all books are in English.

What important cheats, tricks and tips can you give?

Well, most of them you can find on other websites, so I’ll list the most important.

You can edit your party characters’ attributes, skills, spells and inventory using UGE modules or HEX editors.

You can get unlimited strength and necrophobia by constantly replacing girdle of might and skull girdle from one hand to another in Blade of Destiny.

You can get unlimited experience points by entering and exiting the Dwarven Mine in Prem in Blade of Destiny.

You can get unlimited food supply by finding a magic bread bag in Dwarven mine in Upper Orcam in Blade of Destiny. The bag can be found on the 2nd level by sticking a hand in a hole in the wall before the water rises up to your neck and you have to break the wall. Although, the chances are extremely low (1/20). It is easier to get the magic bread bag in Shadows over Riva. It is located in a fire protected chest in the southwestern part of 3rd level in Toranor’s Tower.

You can get unlimited water supply by fishing a magic water skin out of the basin located on the 5th level of Dwarven mine in Finsterkoppen in Star Trail. Split your best swimmer from the party and make him dive there until he finds it. The chances of success are also low. But you can easily get this magic water bag in Shadows over Riva. It is located in a chest in the southeastern part of the 2nd lower deck of pirate ship “Wind’s Bride”.

You can bring your dead characters to life by praying to Tsa.

You can make your weapons unbreakable by praying to Rondra.

If you touch statues in Nameless God temple on Hjalland Island, you can get random positive attribute increased. By switching characters you can raise skills for all of your party members.

If you touch the dark eye statue on the road going around Hermit’s Lake, you get your intuition increased. You can also switch characters to increase intuition for all of your party members.

You can increase your magic resistance by eating menchal cactuses. This tip is useful for fighting mages near Lowangen, the witch at the swamp, Elvish Veterans and other strong magic opponents.

You can increase swords and polearm skills by participating in weekly maneuvers. The maneuvers take place in Riva’s castle each Fireday just before sunset. But if you drink too much alcohol, you will lose these skills.