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The Dark Eye: QnA with Markus and Eeevie

SimplyTsu: [Question] Can you give us any information about the "Deep Rules" kickstarter pdfs? Content?

thegtstar: right

ericusna: [Question] On behalf of some of our UK friends who have messaged the Kickstarter, do any of you have plans to attend UK gaming conventions?

Wagshadow: Question: can you go a bit into specifics regarding changes to the international version compared to the german version? Will there be any changes other than the art? If so, can you go into detail?

Wagshadow: That's what I was referring to, yeah :P

JohnFr33man: all about the boobs :D

SimplyTsu: [Question] Are all german print TDE 5 products scheduled for translation or do you choose only some?

JohnFr33man: Idea: Print stickers with the uncensored art you can stick in the books :D

Wagshadow: Get the German versions too ;)

Wagshadow: [Non-serious question]: Will you release the Rahjasutra in the US? :D

SimplyTsu: [Bonus non-seriuos question] What is the Rahjasutra? :D

twincast2005: They're all understandable changes and all, but it's *still* self-censorship regardless.

SimplyTsu: "This is not an erotic book" - Eevie 2016

Wagshadow: Traviasutra confirmed

SimplyTsu: [Question] What songs are on the soundtrack CD (stretch goal) and will they be available as mp3? Ähm ... do we actually have that one available in germany? :D

SimplyTsu: Traviasutra = Cookbook = foodporn

thegtstar: leatherbound cover *hust* :D

JohnFr33man: [Question] What would you say sets Aventuria apart from other classic fantasy settings?

Wagshadow: Question: I really enjoyed the let's play on Orkenspalter TV, can we expect / hope for more episodes?

thegtstar: [Question] Are there other TDE kickstarter campaigns for maybe special products (e.g. Vademecums) or are all further products coming through Paizo? are there maybe german kickstarter campaigns? ;)

twincast2005: You had to bring it up. Aventuria isn't small; it's tiny. :p

SimplyTsu: [Question] The PDFs are scheduled for august ... a lot of backers see that as a pretty tight schedule... are you still on track or can we expect a delay?

Wagshadow: it may be tiny in actual size, but it makes up for it in density I think

twincast2005: (I just wanted to ask about the card game. ^^;)

wuerfelspiler: I know it is not TDE but I can resist the question: TORG kickstarter?

twincast2005: @Wagshadow: That's the actual problem, but I won't get into this more here and now.

ericusna: @Twincast2005 Sounds like a discussion for the forum! ;)

JohnFr33man: I wonder what Ulisses buys next then. What else is Markus a fan of? :p

wuerfelspiler: ohhhhhh there is one jumpes with joy !!!!!

Wagshadow: btw, nice job social-media-ing, eric :)

ericusna: Thanks!

wuerfelspiler: By the way Real vs Atletico still 1:1 ;-)

SimplyTsu: [Question] From the kickstarter Comments - by Ken: @ Ulisses Is in the leather bound edition going to be a stamp and numbered from 1 till 160?

JohnFr33man: Are those Imman teams ?

wuerfelspiler: Is there some sozrtof computer support or online tools planned for TDE ?

SimplyTsu: Buy Polaris - need german edition

ericusna: [Question] English-speaking gamers are not very used to having a game world that really responds to their suggestions. Can you tell us more about what that looks like and what English-speaking fans can expect?

SimplyTsu: [Questions] Can we have the Herald as a podcast or as a youtube video please? :)

wuerfelspiler: That PDF flat until end of 2017: 2016 seems very clear. What will we see in 2017

schreinereiner: [Question] Are there any plans to release some of the classic campaigns in English such as the Phileasson Saga or The Sieben Gezeichneten?

JohnFr33man: A town crier xD

SimplyTsu: Stretcgoal - Eevie reads 1 herold

JohnFr33man: How would you translate "Gezeichnete" into English, chat ?

twincast2005: Marked Ones?

JohnFr33man: But they are also Sign-bearers

JohnFr33man: It has this double meaning :p

JohnFr33man: Choooosen Ones

twincast2005: Well, yeah, but...

JohnFr33man: Thank you for your time :D

schreinereiner: Thanks!

ericusna: Thanks all!

ulissesspiele: thank you all!

SimplyTsu: Thanks and bye!

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