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Футляр для телефона с эмблемой Хесинды

Футляр для телефона с эмблемой Хесинды

A medieval-ish leather pouch I made for :icontheonlymad:. He needed a medieval-like pouch for hiding a very unmedieval cell phone. This pouch fulfills the purpose (I mean, one can even put a small book inside), can be put onto a belt and is closable with this funny little wooden button. As a small extra (and to train myself in making reliefs to leather) I included a front leather plate with a relief of a snake, the symbol of the Goddess of Wisdom Hesinde from the RPG world of the dark eye (Das schwarze Auge). I believe there's still a lot of training in front of me if I want to somewhen produce items of high quality, but one has to start somewhere © A-Teivos

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