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Художник: Dantes-X
This work is a bit old but I had no time to upload it.
Currently I am the GM of an pen&paper group called. "Das Schwarze Auge". It is pretty famous in germany.
My group is in the middle of one of the most epic campaigns. It´s called "Die 7 Gezeichneten." Also known as 7G.
My fellow friends and heroes of this story faced a group of 3 horned demons on their forced travell trough the limbo. The could only pass if they solved a riddle correct. Otherwarts the heroes who should answer it would die by striking his soul out of his body in 3 different ways. Sadly he failed at this point but......he survived. Those of you who know the 3 demons know that it is almost impossible to survive them but....he did." How?" you maybe would like to ask. Give me your thoughts to the end of this story. How could he survive?
I drawed the 3 Horned Guardians of the Limbo becouse this scene was pretty epic and there was no art of them. The description was pretty short and I had a lot of freedom to design them however I liked.
Face the first of the 3 demon brothers. Abysmaroth.
He is blind while beeing alone but his strengh could tear towers apart.

Просмотров: 1130 | Размеры: 900x636px/111.8Kb | Добавлено: Beatrix | Теги: Abysmaroth

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