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Krona Gorbas

Krona Gorbas

Artist: Kampfumi
My character from the pen-&-paper-Role-Play-Game «The Dark Eye»!
It’s so awesome, you should totally go check it out!
It took me 4 hours to create her!
She is a druid and has very interesting attributes: Her courage and intelligence are very high (13 points, the highest you can have), but she is also very mercenary and uncharismatic. She also has claustrophobia! :D But this isn’t too bad, because we play a open-air-adventure and all in all, she is a d

Просмотров: 1061 | Размеры: 500x790px/32.4Kb | Добавлено: Kaya | Теги: Gorbas, Krona

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