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Мада полубогиня магии

Мада полубогиня магии

Mada, the rebellious demigodess of magic.
In her deep love for mankind she got incredibly sad that these mortals were not able to compete with other species like dragons and ogres which were big and dangerous to any human. So she begged the other gods to give humans more power so they might have a chance on this world but most of them refused.
With all strenght given to her she pierced the cathedral of magic who build one of the seven pillars of Dere to set the element free which was able to alter any other element and gave this as a gift to humankind. Sorcerers were born that day.
As a punishment she was chained on the moon and shall sleep until the last of all days.
© GaiasAngel

Просмотров: 884 | Размеры: 620x877px/737.1Kb | Добавлено: Beatrix | Теги: Mada

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