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Ring des Derpas Mata ~ Ring of Derpas Mata

Бонусы: social talents+2

Актуален для игр: River of Time

Особенности: волшебный

Местонахождение: Надорет (Тихий Алрик)

The subtle engraving on the inside of this ring says «Ring of Derpas Mata». Aventurian legends don’t know much about this person. Yet, stretching across a period of hundreds of years they all agree on the great social talents of this Derpas Mata. Could this ring have had anything to do with it?

I got this ring as a present from Silent Alrik for treating him just like any other man in spite of him being dumb.

Данный предмет становится доступен после установки немецкой или английской версии мода Тихий Алрик.

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