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Persönliches Horoskop ~ Personal Horoscope

Актуален для игр: River of Time

Местонахождение: Надорет (Тихий Алрик)

This is your personal horoscope:

Your week starts with a big headache. Yet, it won’t bother you for long, because once you have accepted it with Boronian meekness, you will find new friends for life. Together, you will live through many exciting adventures and if you keep your faith in Phex, your luck won’t forsake you and you will be rewarded with grand riches.

Keep in mind that the way of Rondra may not always be the easiest one. There are alternative solutions to be considered.

Anyway, you should confront your enemies with the justice of the Lord Praios. If you spare them, the wrath of the god will be huge! But if you succeed in the big quarrel, at least one of your companions will be favoured by the delight of Rahja and your name will appear in legends of the Kosh eternally.

Данный предмет становится доступен после установки немецкой или английской версии мода Тихий Алрик.

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