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Scharade-Spielregeln ~ The Rules of «Charade»

Актуален для игр: River of Time

Местонахождение: Надорет (Тихий Алрик)

The courtly game of «Charade» - An instructions manual to its performance:

-1- At first you should make sure, that you have one person among your servants who has mastered the art of pantomime.

-2- Your party is split in two groups. Both groups think of words, occupations, objects or other things that can be presented pantomimically.

-3- Now, the servant presents the embodiments previously thought of by the other group. An hourglass is used to measure the time a group needs to find out the correct items.

-4- The group that guesses right more items than the other is the winner of the game. In case of a tie, the group that needs less time to find out the correct items wins.

-5- Any discrepancies should not be resolved by using arms. After all, this is just a game!

The game can also be played by one servant only to entertain a single person or a group of persons. In general, if you guess all the items correctly, you can get a reward in the form of some kind of sweets or other small gifts.

…Something handwritten is added to the document…

«Just so that you know the rules of the game, your Silent Alrik»

Данный предмет становится доступен после установки немецкой или английской версии мода Тихий Алрик.

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