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Erläuterungen zum Bau einnes Feenwaldbogen ~ Instructions for Fairywood Bow

Вес предмета: 00 камней

Актуален для игр: River of Time

Местонахождение: Надорет (Тихий Алрик)

Only a bowyer who has reached perfection in his art and spent some time with elves is able to create a high-grade bow like this. It seems to be grown rather than carved into its form.

After increasing the flexibility of the holm oak by dusting it with fairy dust, the secret lies in invigorating the wood by bathing it in oneberry juice.

Damage: 2D6+5
Reload Time: 1 CR

Данный предмет становится доступен после установки немецкой или английской версии мода Тихий Алрик.

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