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Приемы дальнего боя.

Schnellladen ~ Quick Load
You are skilled at handling ranged weapons. You require half a second less for ranged attacks.

Befreiungsschuss ~ Rescue Shot
You use the force of your shot to throw the enemy off balance. If the shot hits home, it will stun the enemy for 3 seconds and they will stagger back 1 pace.

Gezielter Schuss ~ Aimed Shot
Your aim is so precise that you can't miss the enemy. Your ranged attack is increased by 3.

Beinschuss ~ Leg Shot
You aim to hinder the enemy's movement by targeting their legs. If the shot hits home, the enemy's speed will reduce by 2 points for 20 seconds.

Überspannen ~ Overdraw

You have learned how to draw your ranged weapon to shoot further. Your range with ranged weapons increases by 2 paces. In addition, the damage to targets increases by 1 point from the 3rd range category.

Blattschuss ~ Chest Hit
You target the enemy's particularly sensitive spot. If the shot hits home, it will inflict 3 additional Damage Points.

Weitschuss ~ Far Shot
You aim your shot higher than usual to cover the distance to the enemy. You can shoot 2 paces further. If your shot hits an enemy more than 10 paces away, you will inflict 2 additional Damage Points.

Betäubungsschuss ~ Stunning Shot
You target the enemy's chest to sap their strength and to stun them momentarily. If the shot hits home, the enemy will lose half their Endurance and will be stunned for 3 seconds.